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The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #3

The Grapevine Gazette
The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #3
By Eric • Issue #3 • View online
Welcome to the third issue of the Grapevine Gazette.
Titans of Text has had some great progress in the last few weeks, we’re prepped out for the next several episodes and I can’t wait for them to come out.
If you run a game and have updates or upcoming events send them in for inclusion. And don’t forget to sign your game up for Grapevine!

Connect with Us
Join us over at the MUD Coders Guild on Slack.
June Let's MUD
This month’s /r/MUD Let’s MUD is Asteria! Join in on the fun by playing the weekend of June 7 - 9.
Titans of Text
Updates from the Grapevine
This month in Grapevine includes modals in the web client, and a completely new color parser for the web client.
Infrastructure for randomized events is in place, reworking of Redferne’s palace, and more in this update. Including a YouTube video update.
Covenant MUD - May 2019
Development continues on the Tierceron Construction Set, updating socials from a SMAUG game is complete from start to finish.
DUM Server - Changelog
Lots of fixed bugs, and a new targeting system. See the changelog to see more details of how the new target command works.
Evscaperoom - Game Jam Notes Part 1 & Part 2
Evscaperoom is the Game Jam entry from Griatch (Evennia maintainer). These blog posts cover the inspiration for the game and some design notes on creating it.
Mudlet - 3.20 Released
The latest release of Mudlet is out! A new featured game was added, an Italian MUD named Clessidra. The scripting editor was updated, several new Lua functions added, and the translation project continues.
For Spring, Written Realms has a new world editor, which is fully responsive (edit your game on a phone!) Grapevine integration is complete and you can chat with others while playing on Written Realms.
Call For Updates
If you have updates for your game, let us know about them! Don’t forget to sign up for Grapevine and get your game listed.
Articles & Newsletters
Issue 0x0C - C is for CTRL | Revue
Upcoming Events
StickMUD Turns 28!
Join StickMUD for a birthday celebration on June 17th - 19th.
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By Eric

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