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The Grapevine Gazette
The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #6
By Eric • Issue #6 • View online
Welcome to the sixth issue of the Grapevine Gazette.
If you run a game and have updates or upcoming events send them in for inclusion. And don’t forget to sign your game up for Grapevine!

Join us this year for the first National MUD Building Month (NaMuBuMo)! We’re starting a new annual event where we spent the month of October building out a new world for players to play in by the end of it.
Connect with Us
Join us over at the MUD Coders Guild on Slack.
Titans of Text Episode 16: DartMUD
Updates from the Grapevine
Grapevine - September Updates
Progress is back on the ‘vine. Lots of small changes along with the start of a new mobile client.
The Smiths’ guild is up and running, crafting and foraging improvements, and lots of job updates.
DartMUD - September Updates
Lots of bugs begone, new weather updates, and some new items plus more.
DumServer - GitHub
Targeting/combat system has been polished, debugged and finalized. A significant number of bugs were hurt in the process.
Lots of bug tweaks after the 0.9 release and starting to use a formatter to keep the code consistent.
Mudlet - 4.1 Improvments
New editor improvements with keyboard shortcuts, MSSP variables support, and more HTTP methods for accessing web APIs.
Lots of magic updates this month, multi-classing is re-enabled, and the newbie experience has been worked on to make learning the game more smooth.
Upcoming Events
Let's MUD September
If you are the admin of a game, don’t forget you can add them from the game management page. Any upcoming events will make next month’s newsletter!
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By Eric

Monthly updates from the MUD community, including new game updates and upcoming events.

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