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The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #7

The Grapevine Gazette
The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #7
By Eric • Issue #7 • View online
Welcome to the seventh issue of the Grapevine Gazette.
If you run a game and have updates or upcoming events send them in for inclusion. And don’t forget to sign your game up for Grapevine!

Connect with Us
Join us over at the MUD Coders Guild on Slack.
NaMuBuMo is over! We’re going to be doing a wrap up episode on Titans of Text early this month. Look forward to that as we talk about the challenge and how things went.
Titans of Text Episode 17: Richard Bartle
Grapevine is on Patreon. If you want to help cover the server costs or feel like helping out to make Grapevine better, please consider becoming a Patron!
Updates from the Grapevine
Hacktoberfest went well and we have the start of a news site called Decanter. Look forward to that launching sometime this month!
Check in for Halloween Havoc, running until November 5th.
Lots of new world building features this month, to support NaMuBuMo.
Aetolia - Mining - A Devblog
A devblog talking about the new skill, mining. Learn more about the upcoming skill and see what it will look like before it’s released.
Apsis Online - V3 Released
A big update showing off the new features of v3, visit new worlds in your spaceship and run around their (maybe) barren landscape). Check out the video to see it in action.
Atlantis - 64bit RC
The macOS client, Atlantis, has been updated to run as a 64bit binary, so it can work on Catalina.
There are two updates this month for BaseMUD, a new fork of QuickMUD that has been heavily reorganized, refactored, and cleaned-up for clarity and easy extendability.
DartMUD - October Updates
Updated pet code, holiday shop has Halloween items, and some other small updates.
LDMud - 3.6.0 Released
A new version is out and updates string encoding to allow for unicode characters.
Mudlet - 4.2 Update
Mudlet 4.2 is out and it includes secure password storage for you character logins. This uses the OS level account storage to safely keep your passwords locked up while not in use.
Snowcrash.Network - Episode one
A new game is starting up and this is its introduction.
Starmourn - On the Horizon
There are a lot of cool things on the horizon for Starmourn, from roleplay events to PVP overhauls to new enhancements and talents to earn for play after level 75.
Upcoming Events
Let's MUD October
StickMUD - Halloween Celebration
If you are the admin of a game, don’t forget you can add them from the game management page. Any upcoming events will make next month’s newsletter!
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By Eric

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