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The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #8

The Grapevine Gazette
The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #8
By Eric • Issue #8 • View online
Welcome to the eighth issue of the Grapevine Gazette.
If you run a game and have updates or upcoming events send them in for inclusion. And don’t forget to sign your game up for Grapevine!

Connect with Us
Join us over at the MUD Coders Guild on Slack.
Titans of Text Episode 20: Aetolia - Adam
EMx 076: MUD Development and Grapevine
Updates from the Grapevine
Updates for this month include games on the chat socket and the chat socket splitting off from the main application to its own node.
The next event is just around the corner, learn more about the Fall Festival coming up.
Aetolia - Spider Updates
New arena updates, instead of violence you can play hide and seek!
DartMUD - November Update
Updates for screenreaders in the wilderness, better combat messages for more flexibility, and rowboats are permanent went crafted.
DUM Server - Latest Updates
No more plaintext passwords in player files! The web client is being overhauled to include health bars and status gauges.
Grapevine CircleMUD/tbaMUD Integration - Latest Updates
Some more updates for the CircleMUD/tbaMUD integration for the Grapevine chat. Some new commands for managing the connection and your game shows up in the remote player list.
Mudlet - 4.3 Update
A quick update from 4.2 to fix some text selection issues.
MUDout - Hello
MUDout is a Fallout inspired game that’s been in the works for a while, but started getting shared around within the last few months.
A new battle system is in place, learn more about how it will function when classes are added in.
Learn more about the ancient civilization of Ta-Deth and how the YAISER are working to learn more about them.
Upcoming Events
Let's MUD - November - Grapevine
Mutant Turkey Invasion - Grapevine
If you are the admin of a game, don’t forget you can add them from the game management page. Any upcoming events will make next month’s newsletter!
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By Eric

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