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The Grapevine Gazette
The Grapevine Gazette - Issue #9
By Eric • Issue #9 • View online
Welcome to the ninth issue of the Grapevine Gazette.
We’re finally back! I took a bit of a break for life reasons, and I’m ready to get rolling on this newsletter and more again.
If you run a game and have updates or upcoming events send them in for inclusion. And don’t forget to sign your game up for Grapevine!

Connect with Us
Join us over at the MUD Coders Guild on Slack.
Titans of Text Episode 26: BatMUD
A New Project
I started a new project in Elixir, called Kalevala [ˈkɑle̞ʋɑlɑ]. This takes lessons learned from ExVenture and do it “properly” this time. The goal is to make Kalevala a toolkit instead of an all-in-one like ExVenture is.
This will make it more similar to Ranvier or Evennia, and easily let a bunch of weird games be made from this. ExVenture isn’t going anywhere and will eventually use Kalevala under the hood.
Kalevala: A world builder's toolkit
Updates from the Grapevine
Newbie island updates, a new daily event, questline updates, and more.
Aetolia is getting it’s original version re-released, as it was in 2007.
Updates continue on the modernization of QuickMUD. This is a huge update and includes a lot of infrastructure updates.
A new version is out, with a fancy new negative latency feature.
More game past the level cap, now gained experience goes into a talent pool you can spend on talents.
Upcoming Events
Let's MUD - March - Grapevine
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By Eric

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